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Posted by ataraktos on 2010-03-13

I've been thinking about breakfast a lot lately. Maybe it's because I'm always still half-asleep when I eat my usual oatmeal now, that I'm feeling like I'm missing out on even that rather unimaginative meal. Maybe it's because Gary, a fellow vegan, is always posting to Facebook about wonderful breakfast/brunch dishes he has made - maybe it's because the idea of a vegan breakfast completely stumped a co-worker a few weeks back. Whatever the reason, I decided to do a breakfast-for-dinner this weekend. I'm completely unwillingly to put much effort into breakfast and cooking first thing in the morning so, around here, "real breakfast" will have to be dinner.

Tonight we had tofu scramble based on this recipe, buttermilk drop biscuits (I should have made twice as many. At least.), breakfast sausages and grits (a last minute addition that really hit the spot).