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Oatmeal Creme Pies fit for a...Giant

Posted by ataraktos on 2009-10-09

For the past few months, I've been craving an oatmeal creme pie. I found these kinda boring as a kid but it's one of those junk-food things I miss from my pre-vegan days (like twinkies and pecan twirls) even though, when I did eat them, I wasn't crazy about them or anything.

So, I ran across this recipe recently and I decided today was a good day for trying them out. The recipe says the cookies don't spread much so I flattened the cookies to about the size I wanted and when I peaked at them, after 10 minutes - I found they had spread like mad! I don't know how they didn"t run off the cookie sheet or bump all into each other. But they didn't. They"re just insanely big. So big that I've had half of one, and that was probably too much.

I didn't follow the recipe for the creme exactly - I didn't have enough powdered sugar so I used what I had and left the soymilk out. Still fairly close to how I remember the orignal - white and soft and sweet, and that's about all! =)

Other than the insane spreading, I was fairly happy with these. They definitely hit the spot for oatmeal creme cookies. If I should ever make these again, though, I may substitute a little applesauce for some of the Earth Balance, in an effort to reduce the spread and make for a more cake-like, thicker cookie.