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Vegan Mofo Day 1...umm, 2

Posted by ataraktos on 2009-10-02

Ok, so I didn't officially sign up for VeganMoFo but I can still use the image, right?

October, for the third year now, is celebrated as the Vegan Month of Food. Basically, vegans try to blog about vegan food, use the month as an excuse to try new recipes, share tips and talk about all things vegan-food-related. Contrary to popular belief, vegans love food. Personally, I can't imagine all the foods I would have never, ever tried had I stuck to the standard meat-and-potatoes diet.

Anyway, so I'm getting started a day late - already breaking the rules (which is why I didn't sign up, officially) - last night, we had rice and canned Indian food - nothing much to talk about but quick and easy.

But today, I tried a recipe I'd been eyeing for a while - Bryanna's Whole Wheat Hot Dog/Hamburger Bun recipe. My local Whole Foods has stopped carrying Rudi's buns and really, $4-5+ for ONE bag of hotdog buns is ridiculous. Yeah, so they're organic. Still, it's just a small bag of bread!

I won't repeat the recipe here as I didn't change anything, other than not glazing - glazing is for wimps (ok, I didn't have any soymilk) - the buns turned out really well. They were tender and sliced well, down the middles, with a serrated knife. When I first took them out of the oven, they were hard on top, so I covered the pan with aluminum foil so they steamed a little as they cooled and they were perfect. Eight buns fit in a 9*13 pan rather well.

I also made a second attempt at Apple Sage Seitan Sausage - the sausages turned out really well, too, but not as close to the Field Roast version they are supposed to mimic. I will post my changes soon.

Here's a shot of the buns, after their final rise, about to go into the oven.

A sausage in one of the baked buns. (Yes, my sausages were too short, but I had eight of them, darn it, to go with the 8 buns!!)

And LOL, here I'm pretending that a little spinach counts as a vegetable for the night.