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Vegan S'mores

Posted by ataraktos on 2011-01-29

I've had this bag of Dandies vegan marshmallows for a while and haven't really known what to do with them so today, I decided "s'mores".

Review of Dandies - they are pretty good - not as good as those whatever-brand, marketed as vegan but with the fish gelatin but there's something to be said for not containing gelatinous lumps of fish. Just plain, they were a little heavy, a little grainy but overall, good. They puff up in the microwave, melt and get rather gooey, too. And they have the classic marshmallow flavor.

So, anyway - s'mores - means making graham crackers. I used this recipe, though I halved the cinnamon (really glad I did that) and added about a teaspoon of vanilla. They didn't turn out to be the best graham crackers I've ever had, but they were ok. Next time, I'll roll thinner and poke more air holes though I definitely prefer the thicker cookie-likeness of these, for s'mores, compared to the brittle store-bought ones (even if I could easily find them without honey).

Starting store-bought  ingredients:

Two mostly-assembled s'mores, ready for the microwave:

Fully-assembled s'more ready for the eating: