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Chili and Cornbread

Posted by ataraktos on 2009-10-13

Fairly easy dinner tonight - our standby chili recipe, this time with garbanzos and adzuki beans which cooked in maybe half an hour in our new pressure cooker. I have to say, although I'm still mortally afraid of this pressure cooker thing, it's slowly winning me over.

While we have chili often in the winter, we rarely have it with cornbread. And everyone knows that's the proper way to have chili. So, mainly in the interest of having something mofo-blog-able, I made a pan of cornbread, from Veganomicon. The cornbread was rather tasty - much better than our usual crackers - but I thought it was a little crumbly. Evin says cornbread is supposed to be crumbly. And, after all, it's going into a bowl of chili, so hardly matters. I suspect it was from me not really following the directions and leaving out an extra tablespoon of oil, since I added canned corn. Or not having enough soymilk and subbing water. Or not using the amount of sugar called for. Or something.

Veganomicon Cornbread:

And the best part is this made enough for 4 dinners and 2 lunches. Plus I have some beans left over to potentially try out in a burger recipe, since homemade veggie burgers are on my Vegan MoFo to-do list.